Insider at Bloomberg DOE Spills the Beans About Failed Policies

‚cause education is more complicated and more important than we give it credit for.
I mean it’s „only“ a future investment (and probably much more than that), but no big deal, huh?!

  • FYI: Did you know that the long term capacity planning for prisons is based on the illiteracy rate of forth graders? Yup, that’s right, so knowing how to read is much bigger deal, then we give it credit for. And as „Speading Reading for Dummies“ author Richard Sutz points out it’s one of the most neglected skills in school. Because by the time in uhh…let’s say third grade, when we manage to read out loud fluently, kids are considered literate in their mother tongue. But what matters even more is the ability to read a text, silently, and grasp it’s meaning, central topics maybe criticism and be able to summarize that, ideally without constantly using the text as reference. And from good ol‘ school times, I can confirm that reading out loud in front of your class mates makes you the person who’s busier not mispelling than getting a full grasp of it’s content.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Mayor Michael Bloomberg will leave office on January 1 after 12 years as mayor of the nation’s biggest city. His legacy will not be the transformation of the school system. If anything, he blew up the system, eliminated supervisors, closed schools, opened new schools, cheered the growth of the charter sector (which ironically is out of his control), opened hundreds of new schools, and used test scores as the measure of very school.

It didn’t turn out all that well, as this informant reports. He or she works in the headquarters of the Department of Education and has an aversion to boasting and false self-praise.

Informant writes:

„A Tale of One City and Two School Systems: How the Next Mayor Can Become the True Education Mayor

„Michael Bloomberg, the soon-to-be ex-mayor of New York City, has touted his education policies as a success for the students of the city. His…

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